The concept behind the Architecture Design on Demand (ADoD) service is to provide clients with access to a bench of experienced architects to supplement and complement your own team. 

We expect the work to be of short duration and mostly conducted offsite. However, other arrangements can be made based upon the individual request. For longer engagements it maybe more effective to adopt a more tradition consulting engagement approach, although this can be achieved using the same contractual framework as provided for this service.

We expect to put in place an overview agreement and for clients to then repeatedly use the service to respond to specific challenges and short term resourcing needs. Please see the Contractual folder inside the knowledge base for details (Please note that as this folder contains example contracts that you can download, a login is required, which you can initiate from this portal).

To give you idea of how we operate the service the basic flow is shown below:

In order to respond to your request we engage with our architecture bench; freelance architecture consultants, who feed into the creation of the statement of work (SOW). This provides the basis for our response to you and once agreed it is the SOW that will be delivered by one of our architects. 

All work will undergo a quality check carried out by another consultant before being released to you. Once delivered  we will follow up to gather feedback and agreement that the work has been completed and meets your requirements.

Details of invoicing will be covered in the SOW, but typically this will be triggered on delivery.